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Custom Rubber Gaskets

Butser Rubber are specialist ‘custom rubber gasket’ manufacturers and suppliers.  Dedicated in-house gasket manufacturing capabilities, using an extensive range of Rubbers, Silicones and Sponge materials in commercial, aerospace and defence specification such as DTD, AMS, Def Stan and BS.

Gaskets and Seals can be manufactured using Injection Moulding for 3D designs with custom design features, or traditional ‘cropping’ from rubber sheet for 2D designs.  We can take you gasket project from 1 off and prototyping through to production.

Rubber Gasket Suppliers

2D & 3D Gasket Production

Butser Rubber can manufacture 2D ‘Punched or DXF cut’ gaskets, as well as moulded 3D profiled custom gaskets. We also have a range of jigs and processes that allow us to ‘Hand Fabricate’ large and prototype gaskets.

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Custom Rubber Gasket Supplier

Rubber Gasket Materials

Butser Rubber customers can select from over 350 ‘off-the-shelf’ rubber and silicone materials including specialist high-temperature resistant, fuel resistant and chemical resistant materials. We can also develop new materials for customers such as our ‘loaded rubber‘ range. Our materials can meet British and European standards, MOD, WRAS, Automotive and FDA requirements.

For additional information, please visit our materials page.

Specialised Gasket Cutting

Using either laser cut tooling, hydraulic presses or DXF controlled cutting beds, Butser Rubber are able to manufacture gaskets to all industries whether your gasket requirements are standard or customised. See our gaskets in action; they are on all Airbus commercial airliners as well as every Formula 1 car!

Manufacturing advantage

As a specialist rubber supplier, Butser Rubber has a unique gasket manufacturing advantage over other gasket suppliers, as we are able to mould custom rubber sheet to your specification from any of the rubbers mentioned on the materials page.

This USP allows us to supply unique rubber blends in sheet form to other UK based gasket providers, which they in turn convert into gaskets for their customers. We can do it all under one roof, allowing for a shorter lead time and a competitive price.

Gasket products

Battery Housing Gaskets

Cork Rocker Cover Gaskets

Nitrile Rocker Cover Gaskets

Rubber Gaskets Housing

FKM Battery Gasket Housings

Natural Rubber Airtray Gaskets

Natural Rubber Cartridge Gaskets

Natural Rubber Connection Gaskets

Natural Rubber Nut Ring Gaskets

Potentiometer Cover Gasket

Rubber Pump Gaskets

Rubber Rocker Cover Gaskets

Moulded Rubber Gaskets

Scavenge Gaskets

Silicone Sponge Gaskets

Bisco Silicone Sponge Gaskets

Sight Glass Connector Gaskets

Silicone Gasket Housings

Silicone Gasket Caps

Silicone Connection Gaskets

Silicone Nut Ring Gaskets DTD

Nitrile Gaskets

EPDM Gaskets

Viton Gaskets

Fluorosilicone Gaskets

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