Rubber Mouldings

Rubber Mouldings

Viton Rubber Bellow Mouldings

Viton Rubber Bellow Mouldings

Manufacturers or rubber mouldings in Silicones, Fluorocarbons, Neoprene’s and many more. Butser Rubber have the experience to support you through the design and manufacture of your custom rubber mouldings.

Industrial Rubber Mouldings

Industrial Rubber Mouldings


Butser Rubber are specialist rubber moulding manufacturers.  All of our moulded rubber products are the result of our customers’ exact requirements.

We offer a ‘turn key solution’ from drawing to full production including tooling.

Butser Rubber currently manufacture over 5000 moulded product lines. We are able to mould components in a very wide range of rubbers and silicones including, EPDM, Nitrile, fluorocarbon, fluorosilicone and Silicone.

For a full list of current moulding materials, please visit the materials page.

Rubber Mouldings Tool

Rubber Mouldings Tool


Butser Rubber is continuously investing in rubber moulding technology.   We have purchased 2 brand new German Injection moulding machines this year, and have just taken delivery of another 2 semi-automated vacuum compression moulding machines to compliment last year’s investment.

This investment provides large capacity for supplying OEMs as well as all of our other fantastic customers. The improved rubber moulding machines and processes also allow us to manufacturer rubber mouldings for other rubber companies who struggle with either technical moulding problems or lack of technology.


Butser Rubber are able to manufacture rubber mouldings weighing as little as 0.1 grams up to 10kg per item using single or multi cavity tooling. Our largest moulding machine can handle tooling upto 1.2 metres by 0.9 metres.

All the above moulding processes are supported with high quality trimming and finishing processing including computer controlled Cryogenic ‘Freeze trimming’ and high kinetic energy ‘Spin trimmers’. This allows for a stable repeatable product finish.

Please see automotive EPDM rubber components being manufactured using an injection moulding process in the video below.

EPDM rubber components manufacture using an injection moulding

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