Rubber Caps and Covers

Butser Rubber are UK based manufacturers of custom moulded rubber caps and covers available in materials including EPDM, Silicone, Nitrile and Natural Rubber. We are suppliers to a range of industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Manufacturing and Agriculture. We can produce high temperature resistant and chemical resistant rubber caps and covers (up to 600ºC).

We can manufacture Rubber Caps and Covers in almost any material from our selection of over 350 rubbers. Please visit our materials page for more information.

EPDM Rubber Caps and Covers

EPDM rubber caps and covers are chemically inert, so provide excellent resistance to harsh chemicals. They also have good high temperature resistance 150°C intermittent. EPDM rubber caps and covers are appropriate for almost any application that requires a tight seal and a durable closure.

Natural Rubber Rubber Caps and Covers

Natural Rubber caps and covers provide the greatest hardness range which allows great flexibility in application. Natural rubber also has an good deformation capacity so can be used repeatably without permanent deformation.

HNBR Rubber Caps and Covers

HNBR rubber caps and cover provide good all-round performance for a range of applications. This encompasses a maximum intermittent operating temperature of 160°C and good retention of properties after long-term exposure to heat, oil and chemicals. Typical applications include Automotive seals and Oil field covers.

Rubber Ferrules

UK Manufacturer Custom Rubber Ferrrule

As a well established custom rubber moulder, we have a long history of manufacturing rubber ferrules for industrial machinery and physiotherapy equipment. Our clients can select from of over 350 rubber and silicone materials including food quality and UV resistant materials to meet their projects needs. Benefiting from investment in new machinery and technology, we have the ability to mass produce or manufacture one-off rubber ferrule samples.

UK Manufacturer Custom Rubber Ferrrule

Rubber Bung

Bespoke Rubber Bung UK Supplier

Butser Rubber can manufacture and supply bungs in a a huge range of Rubbers and Silicones including heat resistant and petroleum and gas resistant materials. Benefiting from our extensive range of custom rubber moulding machinery we can guide you through the manufacturing process offering competitive pricing and fast lead times. Rubber bungs are often used to block a hole stoppers for single channel pipes but can also have other applications.

Example Products

Grease nipple caps
Washer caps
Pipe caps
Tube caps
Finishing caps
Threaded plugs
Electrical connector plugs
Rubber seal plugs
EPDM pull plugs
T plugs

End caps
Flexible caps
Rubber end tip
Pole cap
Square caps
Rectangular caps
High temperature caps
Silicone caps
EPDM caps
Nut caps

Short caps
Long caps
Anti-Roll caps
Vented caps
Tear caps
Flange covers
Rubber covers
EPDM covers
Automotive covers
Aerospace covers