Rubber to Metal Bondings

Butser Rubber are manufacturers of moulded rubber to metal bonds. We have significant experience in manufacturing anti-vibration joints, CV joints and O rings for Aerospace, Manufacturing and Automotive applications. Our rubber to metal bonding process is integrated into our injection and compression moulding machines. With most bonds between 120ºC – 160 ºC however we are also able to bond rubbers to metal using RTV (Room temperature vulcanisation) and low temperature silicone DCL grades which can be used for over moulding. (Please note that we can bond to PTFE, but not FEP.


Butser Rubber are manufacturers of custom ‘Over moulded rubber metal’ components.  We have wide range of injection moulding processes that can give both Chemical vulcanisation and mechanical rubber over moulding. Common applications for both bonded vulcanisation and over moulding are where customers require either a fixing point within the rubber moulding or require an over moulded metal plate to provide reinforcement or rigid anchoring.  For example, Over moulded engine mounts, AV Bushes and over moulded bump stops.

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Manufacturing Capabilities

We can manufacture metal inserts to be bonded using 3-Axis, 5-Axis machining, water cutting, laser cutting, punching and broaching processes. This gives us the capability to manufacture the full rubber to metal bonding assembly. We are also happy to accept free issue metal inserts from our customers for rubber to metal bonding providing a quality standard has been agreed and approved.


Bonding Processes

Butser Rubber have approved bonding processes for Rubber to Carbon Fiber, Metal and Plastics. From experience in Aerospace, Automotive, Food & Drinks and Manufacturing industries we can deliver exceptional quality bonds with high tensile strength and durability using our selected bonding gels. For more information regarding bonding, please contact our team at

Rubber to Metal Bonding Examples

Rubber to Aluminium bonding (Some aluminiums are effected by cobalt content)
Rubber to steel bonding.
Rubber to stainless steel bonding (Some stainless steels offer poor adhesion).
Rubber to titanium bonding.
Rubber to carbon fiber bonding (cold bond).

Rubber to copper bonding
Rubber to brass bonding
Rubber to cast iron bonding
Rubber to phosphor bronze bonding
Rubber to silver bonding
Rubber to tungsten bonding
Rubber to zinc bonding

Rubber to carbon fiber bonding
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EPDM Over moulded Brass metal insert

We can manufacture rubber to metal bonds using almost any rubber/metal material. Please refer to our materials page for more information, or contact our team at