Rubber Wheels and Rollers

Butser Rubber are a Custom Rubber Moulding Manufacturer and Supplier capable of producing Rubber Wheels and Rollers using a wide range of commercial grade Rubbers and Silicones. We supply Rubber Wheels and Rollers to a range of industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Food & Drink and Manufacturing.

We can manufacture Rubber Rollers and Wheels in almost any material from our range of over 350 Rubbers and Silicones. Please refer to our materials page for more information.

Bespoke Rubber Roller Tool Manufacturer Europe

Rubber Rollers and Wheels Manufacturing Capability

Butser Rubber have extensive history in the manufacture of Rubber Rollers and Wheels. Benefiting from significant investment in state-of-the-art Injection, Compression and Transfer Moulding Machinery, we are able to mass produce Rollers and Wheels as well as prototype. We also have the unique capability to bond rubber to various different material including Metal, Plastic and Carbon Fiber.

Bespoke Rubber Wheel Manufacturer UK

Bespoke Rubber Rollers and Wheels Service

Benefiting from our 40+ year history in the manufacture and supply of Rubber Rollers and Wheels, we provide our customers with advice and guidance throughout the manufacturing process to ensure an effective manufacturing strategy at a competitive cost.  Customers can also request Kanban delivery schedules for weekly or monthly call offs.

Rubber Roller and Wheel Applications

Laminating Rollers
Folding Machine Rollers
Conveyor Rollers
Drive Wheels

Scale Rubber Tyres
Wind Tunnel Testing Tyres
Caster Wheels
Rubber to Metal Bonding