Rubber Straps – Triangular Buckle

Rubber Straps – Triangular Buckle

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Butser Rubber are able to provide a comprehensive range of ‘off the shelf’ rubber straps which can be used for a variety of purposes. Our rubber straps are available in a variety of lengths with stainless-steel buckles moulded into the straps. Our square buckled rubber straps are 25mm wide x 3mm thick in a range of lengths, manufactured using Natural Rubber 60 IRHD. Our triangle buckled rubber straps are also manufactured using Natural Rubber 60 IRHD and are 16mm wide x 3mm thick.

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100mm / 4″ (BRL/P0332), 140mm / 5.5" (BRL/P0333), 150mm / 6″ (BRL/P0334), 178mm / 7" (BRL/P0340), 200mm / 8" (BRL/P0335), 250mm / 10" (BRL/P0336), 300mm / 12" (BRL/P0337)

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