Custom Rubber Grommets

Manufacturers and suppliers of rubber grommets for many applications in a wide variety of  materials. We can manufacture custom rubber grommets for your one-off needs through to mass production. Butser Rubber can work with Kanban delivery schedules with weekly or monthly call offs. Our bespoke rubber grommets can be manufactured using a range of over 350 different materials including material with high temperature resistance and fuel & oil resistance. We  manufacture EPDM grommets, Viton grommets, Nitrile grommets, Natural Rubber grommets and Silicone Grommets.

If you would like more information or a quotation for your project please contact our team.

Bespoke Rubber Grommet Sizing

Our dedicated staff can work alongside your team to develop and manufacture your rubber grommets to project specification whether it be mass production or prototyping.

Rubber Manufacturer

Automation & Moulding Techniques

Semi-Automated processes allow for over 2500 units per hour (Over 20,000 units per shift) as well as specialist processes for  ‘one off specials’ and small batch runs for aerospace, motorsport and  industry.

Butser Rubber use both compression and injection moulding processes to manufacture your rubber grommets.  30 years of experience using a wide range of rubber and silicone materials provide a good frame work to manufacture a grommet to your requirements.

Application Environment

Butser Rubber can supply your grommets to meet many application environments, such as: high and low temperature exposure, High UV, Oils, Fuels, Marine spray, etc.

Butser Rubber have been supplying Formula one teams with specialist Viton Grommet designs for over 25 years.  Continuous process improvements given us a good understanding of how to manufacturer your grommets in a wide range of  Vitons® (Dupont) and FKMs efficiently.

Modular Tooling

Using modular mould tooling, Butser Rubber are able to manufacture many ‘Open’ , ‘Blind’ and ‘Blank’ grommets using an interchangeable tooling base, so if you require similarly designed grommets with different end configurations (For Example, one Open Grommet and one Blind / Blank Grommet), we can keep the cost of the tooling down by trying to standardise production or use composite moulds. (This is limited to your design).

Open Rubber Grommets


Butser Rubber are a manufacturer and supplier of custom open rubber grommets to an array of industries including Automotive, Aerospace and Marine. Open grommets are used to protect pipe or cable passing through a hole in a panel. They are often used as anti-vibration mounts but also serve other industrial purposes.Custom UK Rubber Manufacturer

Blind Rubber Grommets

Bespoke UK Grommet Manufacturer


Butser Rubber are a manufacturer and supplier of custom blind rubber grommets to a wide range of industries. Blind rubber grommets are used to blank holes through panels. They are also often used as anti-vibration mounts but also serve other industrial purposes.


Bespoke UK Grommet Manufacturer

Top Hat Grommets

Rubber Grommet Supplier UK

Butser Rubber are suppliers of custom rubber top hat grommets to all industries. Top hat grommets are used as a sleeve for cables and wires to be channelled through holes and walls where a grommet is not useable. Top hat grommets have an extensive range of applications including uses on industrial machinery, automotive production and renewable energy.

Rubber Top Hat Grommet Supplier UK

Rubber Cable Sleeves

UK Bespoke Rubber Cable Sleeve Supplier

 We can supply cable sleeves in a wide range of rubbers and silicone for one-off prototyping of mass production. We have experience supplying rubber cable sleeves to large businesses in the Oil & Gas, Marine and Automotive industries which has enabled us to invest heavily in our production facilities. Rubber cable sleeves are used as a protective surrounding for oscillating cables to prevent chafing and degradation.

UK Bespoke Rubber Cable Sleeve Supplier

Rubber Ferrules

UK Manufacturer custom silicone ferrules

As a well established custom rubber moulder, we have a long history of manufacturing rubber ferrules for industrial machinery and physiotherapy equipment. Our clients can select from of over 350 rubber and silicone materials including food quality and UV resistant materials to meet their projects needs. Benefiting from investment in new machinery and technology, we have the ability to mass produce or manufacture one-off rubber ferrule samples.

UK Manufacturer Custom Rubber Ferrrule

Rubber Bungs

Custom Rubber Bung UK Manufacturer

Butser Rubber can manufacture and supply bungs in a a huge range of Rubbers and Silicones including heat resistant and petroleum and gas resistant materials. Benefiting from our extensive range of custom rubber moulding machinery we can guide you through the manufacturing process offering competitive pricing and fast lead times. Rubber bungs are often used to block a hole stoppers for single channel pipes but can also have other applications.

‘Your design and our expert advice’

Please feel free to ask for advice so we can help to factor in cost savings before manufacture.

Please see video example a ‘blind silicone grommet’ being manufactured on a 144 cavity tooling.

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